Hello! I create games.

My name is Bas, I'm a Dutch game development student, every day I travel 2 hours to my school and I still think that is well worth my time.
I love making games on the computer and like to experiment with new things to broaden my horizon.
My general interest is about explaining and teaching things to the player without telling them how to do it. Mainly with simple controls that feel natural the instant you use them.
I am most known by my game Gravity Deluxe on Android.

Game a week

1 week, 1 person, 1 game.
In 2015 I will be making 52 games. "52 games?! Have you gone nuts Basta?!" No, not yet. Every week I will pick a subject and make a game out of it. Not just for fun, it really has a lot of advantages.
For instance, I will learn to work with tight deadlines, possibly stress, finishing projects, other gamedevelopment stuff such as art or design and building portfolio content.
I will regulary update my twitter with development screenshots and such, so if you want to be updated on that: you can go follow me here.
Also, I have a itch.io, so you can see all my work there too! my itch.io

Blue is completed, black is failed.



I also make larger games.
I strive to create games that communicate to the player without words with simple yet deep controls.

Bas 'Basta' Weijenberg - Enthousiastic game developer.
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Have a nice day <3